Meeting Minutes

Design Committee Meeting Minutes - July



Call to order: Pierre Theriot, Chairman


Roll Call: Chelsea Tallo


Chris Bankston                    Absent

Roy Dufreche                       Present

Kayla Morgan                       Present

Paul Murphy                         Absent

Tom Pistorius                       Absent

Jeffrey Smith                        Present

Pierre Theriot                        Present


Pierre Theriot called meeting to order.


Tom Pistorius Enters


Old Business


  1. Approval of the minutes for the June 13, 2018 meeting.


    Roy Dufreche made a motion to approve the minutes for the June 13, 2018 meeting as written. Kayla Morgan seconded.


Chris Bankston                                    Absent

Roy Dufreche                          Yes

Kayla Morgan                         Yes

Paul Murphy                            Absent

Tom Pistorius                           Yes

Jeffrey Smith                           Abstain

Pierre Theriot                          Yes


Motion carried.


  1. Landscaping – tree replacement and tree guards


    Roy Dufreche briefed the committee on the latest project updates. A notice to proceed has been given to Gold Leaf LLC for the tree guards. Tim of Gold Leaf LLC has asked to wait on a notice to proceed for the tree replacement until the Chinese pistaches could be sourced. Tree guards could take about 6 weeks to be obtained. With a completion date scheduled for September 22, 90 days was given for project.


  2. Bayou Tree Service

    Olivia Graziano presented an updated proposal that included protective fencing around the oaks during construction for the market pavilion. A payment to Bayou tree service has been made. 


  3. Morris Parking Project

    Olivia Graziano updated the committee on the project. A bid was accepted. The board had approved to contribute $30,000 toward the project. Construction would begin after Hot August Night.



New Business


  1. Bike Racks

    Olivia Graziano briefed the committee on the project, stating that a meeting with Brian from Firestruck will be held Tuesday, July 10th at 1pm. The winning artist was invited to attend the meeting. Jeffery Smith suggested that an update or invitation be sent to Dr. Nelson.


  2. Market Pavilion

    Tom updated the committee, stating that he intended on being on the Historic Commission meeting agenda for the month of July. The “green space” area was discussed, and Roy noted that he revised the plans for the area. Materials were also discussed. Monument contract and potential location were deliberated.


  3. Sidewalks

    Sidewalk renovations around La Carretta and the pavilion were discussed. Tom briefed the committee on the breakdown of the sidewalk sections. Saul of La Caretta has previously agreed to pay for a third of select sidewalk renovations. Sidewalk plans were discussed, reviewed, and revised.







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