Meeting Minutes

6/14/17 Board Meeting Minutes

General Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

5:30 p.m.

City Council Chambers

312 E. Charles Street, Hammond, LA 70401




Call to Order: Paul Jones, Chairman


Roll Call:  Chelsea Tallo, Executive Director


Frank Di Vittorio                Present  

Eric Dosch                            Present

Paul Jones                             Present

Bruce O’Krepki                   Present

Sharon Smith                       Present

Pierre Theriot                      Present

Jonathan Wong                   Present


Paul Jones called the meeting to order.


Approval of the Minutes from the general board meeting, Wednesday, May 10th, 2017.


Motion was made by Pierre Theriot and seconded by Frank Di Vittorio to accept the Wednesday, May 10, 2017 board minutes as written.


Frank Di Vittorio                Yes                    

Eric Dosch                           Yes

Paul Jones                             Yes

Bruce O’Krepki                   Yes

Sharon Smith                       Yes

Pierre Theriot                      Yes

Jonathan Wong                   Yes


Motion Carried



       Approval of the financial report.


Chelsea Tallo briefed the Board on some changes. A payment line for Hanson Crossing was added. The first payment will be on the June statement, as a payment has been made.  The farmers market was more profitable this year. Motion was made by Paul Jones and seconded by Eric Dosch to approve the financial report as is. Motion carried by unanimous vote.




  1. 2018 Budget


    Chelsea Tallo described the 2018 for those who were not at the May meeting. This budget should will be presented to city council on June 16th.


  2. Hanson Crossing


    Pierre Theriot and Paul Jones updated the Board on the project.






  1. Market Pavilion


Mayor Pete Panepinto updated the Board on the land acquisition. He recommended placing a parking lot in plan A’s plot and acquiring Ed Hoover’s property for the pavilion instead.   


  1. Hot August Night


    Chelsea presented the poster contest submissions. The board voted and chose Staci Montgomery’s submission. She also briefed them on the wine and beer walk


  2. Action Plan


Chelsea presented the action plan to the Board. 


  1. Design Committee Report


Pierre updated the Board on Hanson Crossing and city lighting. Colors of the bridge and possible solutions to the concrete light bases were also discussed. Jonathan Wong presented a rough draft of his approved mural.


  1. Directors Report

See attached.



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