Meeting Minutes

5/10/17: Board of Director’s Minutes

General Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

5:30 p.m.

City Council Chambers

312 E. Charles Street, Hammond, LA 70401




Call to Order: Paul Jones, Chairman


Roll Call:  Chelsea Tallo, Executive Director


Frank Di Vittorio                  Present  

Eric Dosch                             Absent

Paul Jones                             Present

Bruce O’Krepki                    Present

Sharon Smith                        Absent

Pierre Theriot                       Absent

Jonathan Wong                    Present


Paul Jones called the meeting to order.


Approval of the Minutes from the general board meeting, Wednesday, April 12, 2017.


Motion was made by Bruce O’Krepki and seconded by Paul Jones to accept the Wednesday, April 12, 2017 board minutes as written.


Frank Di Vittorio                  Yes                    

Eric Dosch                            Absent

Paul Jones                             Yes

Bruce O’Krepki                    Yes

Sharon Smith                        Absent

Pierre Theriot                       Absent

Jonathan Wong                    Yes


Motion Carried



       Approval of the financial report.


Chelsea Tallo and Paul Jones briefed the Board. It was noted that the next financial report will include Main Street Center spending and Hanson Crossings first payment. Motion was made by Paul Jones and seconded by Frank Di Vittorio to approve the financial report. Motion carried by unanimous vote.




  1. Letter to the Mayor


    Chelsea Tallo described the complaint letter and counter to the letter. Paul Jones presented the idea that this issue was out of DDD control.


  2. Strategic Plan


    Chelsea updated the Board on the status of the Strategic Plan. The Action Plan is in progress.


  3. Market Pavilion


    No updates. CN has not made an offer yet.


  4. 4. Hanson Crossing


    Chelsea presented the first payment amount to the Board. The contract work is moving as scheduled. CN sent an invoice that was lower than expected for their portion of work.






  1. Historic District



Jessica Shirey asked for $4,500 on behalf of the Hammond Historic District. Motion was made by Paul Jones and seconded by Bruce O’Krepki to grant the Hammond Historic District $4,500 for the National Central Survey. Motion Carried by unanimous vote.


  1. 2018 Budget

    Chelsea presented the 2018 budget to the board. Paul Jones made a motion seconded by Frank Di Vittorio to approve the budget as is.


  2. Hot August Night


Chelsea briefed the board on Hot August Night 2017. The DDD has implemented a poster contest and wants to establish the event as a fundraiser.  The DDD has also organized a sponsorship program.  


  1. National Main Street Conference


    Chelsea briefed the board on her trip to Pittsburgh.  


  2. Director’s Report


                                     See attached





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