Meeting Minutes

2/17/17: Design Committee Minutes


Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

City Council Chambers

2:00 p.m.






Call to order: Pierre Theriot, Vice-Chairman


Roll Call: Chelsea Tallo


Jeffrey Smith   Present

Paul Murphy   Present

Adam Perkins  Present

Tom Pistorius Present

Cassie Ragan   Present

Pierre Theriot  Absent

Mary Zatarain Present


Tom Pistorius called meeting to order.


Approval of the minutes from last Design Committee Meeting, Thursday January 5th, 2017.


Motion made by Tom Pistorius and seconded by Paul Murphy to accept the Thursday January 5th, 2017 Design Committee minutes as written.


Jeffery Smith   Yes

Paul Murphy   Yes

Adam Perkins  Yes

Tom Pistorius Yes

Cassie Ragan   Yes

Pierre Theriot  Absent

Mary Zatarain Yes


Motion Carried





  1. Market Pavilion

    Tom Pistorius updated the committee on the status of the project. CN returned a lease that is not acceptable by the DDD or the City of Hammond.  The next step is to negotiate the lease with CN.







  1. Hanson Crossing Project.

    The committee reviewed four quotes submitted by Adam Perkins for the construction of Hanson crossing.


    Tom Pistorius made the motion and seconded by Jeffrey Smith to recommend to the Hammond Downtown Development District Board of Directors to accept the quote of JAC Construction of South LA, LLC for the Hanson Avenue Railroad Crossing base bid plus alternate #1 and alternate #2 in the amount of $104,113.25.


Jeffrey Smith   Yes

Paul Murphy   Yes

Adam Perkins  Abstain

Tom Pistorius Yes

Cassie Ragan   Yes

Pierre Theriot  Absent

Mary Zatarain Yes 


  1. 1748 SW Railroad Ave

    The committee reviewed building plans for 1748 SW Railroad Ave. The committee tabled the discussed until a representative could be present.


  2. Downtown landscape RFP

Adam Perkins is moving forward with finding an arborist to assess the needed maintenance for Downtown. Perkins is also finding a competing quote for tree parking lot maintenance.


  1. Strategic Planning

    The committee discussed the strategic planning workshop. The design committee stresses the importance of Downtown parking and see a future need for a parking garage. Design committee would like to see a parking inventory count for Downtown. 



    General comments:


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