Facade Grant Program

Download the Façade Grant Program Application here.


The Façade Grant Program was established to encourage the renovation of the districts existing buildings as well as promote and encourage new business. Funding is underwritten by the district’s property owners through an ad valorem tax assessed against the district’s properties not subject to the property per year. The Façade Grant awards are not to exceed $2,000 and must be matched dollar for dollar by the recipient. Individuals, who have qualified during a fiscal year for assistance through other programs sponsored or regulated by the DDD, shall not be deemed eligible for a Façade Grant during the same fiscal year.

Use of Funds

Grants are awarded for tangible and permanent façade improvements, inclusive of the following:

  • Restoration/Renovation of building front
  • Awnings
  • Painting
  • Lighting
  • Facades, which may include front, side, and/or rear, if highly visible from a thoroughfare, may be eligible for a grant.

Although routine maintenance does not qualify for reimbursement, a significant visual improvement to the façade of the building may be approved at the discretion of the DDD board.

Please note: Signage does not apply.


Individuals interested in applying for a Façade Grant shall complete and submit an application to the Downtown Development District (DDD) Executive Director’s office. Submitted applications will be received and noted as to date and time received. Applications may be submitted for completed projects.

All applications based upon availability of funds. This review will be performed by the DDD board, and will be judged upon overall visual impact to the district. If no decision can be made regarding impact, priority will be given to the application(s) based upon receipt (date and time).

Redemption of approved grants will require evidence of completed work. This will include proof of payment (cancelled checks) and proof of finished project. Grants will only be funded for projects completed as approved. No partial funding of an approved grant will be allowed.

Overview of Restrictions

  • Property for which Façade Grants are being applied, must be commercial and within the DDD.
  • Projects within the Hammond Historical District must submit a signed approval and acknowledgement of the Hammond Historical District Commission.
  • All DDD ad valorem tax assessments must be current.
  • Projects must be completed ninety (90) days prior to the filing of the Façade Grant Application, or ninety (90) days after the awarding of the Façade Grants. (Unless otherwise approved.)
  • Members of the DDD board will not be eligible to receive grants.

Please contact the DDD office at 985-277-5681 for an application and complete guidelines.