Mission Statement:

The Hammond Downtown Development District is devoted to progressing and stimulating business development and diversity. We protect, unite and rejuvenate the district in order to benefit residents and local commerce; making Downtown a promising place to socialize, do business and call home.

Vision Statement:

-We believe that Downtown is the heart of Hammond, and we strive to protect and preserve its foundation in an effort to stay "Historically Hip."

- We aspire to establish Downtown Hammond as a vibrant destination for locals, travelers and culturists.

- WE seek to unify the district's businesses, patrons and residents in an endeavor to maintain our successful and sustainable economy.

Hammond Downtown Development District is constantly evolving to bring commerce, entertainment, community, and culture to Downtown. We set a nation-wide standard for mixed-use buildings and our diverse range of residential options. Downtown Hammond has drastically transformed in the program’s 34 years, and while we are proud of what we’ve accomplished, we acknowledge how much farther we can go. Leah Solomon, a former Administrative Officer of our Historic District, said it best, “What I love about Hammond is not only does it love its past, but the way it helps preserve and remember its past spurs it into its future. New developments… new families… people sticking around and remembering what made it great in the first place, that’s what helps keep it great.”


Meet the staff:


Chelsea Tallo

Executive Director

Kati Morse

Assistant Director