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Inspiring words from Jonathan Wong: T.H.I.N.K

 Our Downtown business owners are talented, hard-working, creative and most of all, inspiring. Here's some words from Cate St. Seafood Station owner, Jonathan Wong. Enjoy! 



Each person is on his or her own journey. This journey is unique because each requires a different story, one that is scratching at the surface of greatness waiting to be heard. Sometimes these stories are heard because we are comfortable speaking our mind; meanwhile others hold back because they feel maybe nobody cares or its not that big of a deal. However, this is one of the biggest deals a person can make, and that is with their own self. How we connect to the world is special because no-one can create our own energy and share it with another. This energy can be a giving and positive or taking and negative. Its hard to distinguish sometimes what to say when we feel we are constantly being watched, or at work, seems like were being micromanaged. But theres a pretty cool acronym for what a person should do before they say what they think:



is it True

is it Helpful

does it Inspire

is it Necessary

is it Kind


To think is a great start but to believe lies the power to make a difference. Looking back on working with Devin and Megan Sanders, and getting to know their father, Dane Sanders for the first time; I remember being told of his 14 years at Edys Ice Cream and their mantra, I can make a difference. There is much talk about the millennials, generation z, and new corporate structure all centered around empowerment. But this style also lends way to a false hope where we give people the confidence to let us know how theyre feeling but then shut down the idea, because it doesnt make sense, dont have time, etc. If a great gift that we can give a person is time, then we should make sure to do our part, listen. Only by listening can we truly understand what the world is trying to tell us. Among many great conversations this past year, one that always sticks with me is from Todd Delaune (Proprietor of Red, White, and Brew) as he notes owing the success of his business to simply, listening, to his customers. And when we practice listening, we also learn empathy. Oxford dictionary describes empathy as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. This new year when someone seems like they are a constant complainer, and they might seem like a pain in the rear, I challenge you to simply listen and come back to empathy. Practice yes and chances are they have something that needs to be heard.


Once we start thinking about our future or what the newyear holds in store for us, we will begin our path to greatness. Each chapter will be odd, exciting, fast yet slow, and so will be the next chapter. There will be plenty of love in the air but sometimes it will feel like nobody cares. Staying on a steady path is tough because we set goals for ourselves such as resolutions, diets, and learning new processes. However, the truth can be found in our previous generation who will tell us all we need are two thing to turn a resolution into a revolution.. From Mrs. Joann Booty (Amite Louisiana) to the great John Wooden (NCAAs most winningest coach) these two tenets are grounded in simply (1) giving it your best and (2) being happy. The two tenets are the answers I received from my fellow team member Mrs. Joann Booty when I asked her what two things I could share at our Summer meeting of 2012. John Woodens cornerstones for success are industriousness (success travels in the company of very hard work. There is no trick, no easy way) and enthusiasm (Your energy and enjoyment, drive and dedication will stimulate and greatly inspire others.)


Knowing these two tenets are a start but how do we stay afloat in a time of recession, when break ups are tough, or when she never said yes in the first place? One word: courage. If we start each day with courage, keeping in mind industriousness and enthusiasm, we will persevere and see all things through for the new year. Courage will require patience, and patience thrives on consistency. Heres to having the courage to do the right thing, and seeing it through day after day after day. Enjoy this journey.

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