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Your Mom's New Location, It's Really Coming!

Your Mom's New Location, It's Really Coming!

There are only a few places that can feel like a true Burger Bar, Your Mom’s Restaurant and Bar definitely fits that bill. The business started in Downtown Hammond in March 2011 being a recognizable business among locals. The owners, JP Ngo and Trent Fresina, say good food has always played a pivotal role in both of their large families. They loved getting together over a meal and sharing love, laughter, and great food.

            The business started in a small location on Thomas Street, moved to its larger location on Morris Avenue, and is now getting ready to move back to Thomas Street to a location that will almost triple its square footage. The construction has been a bit lengthy leaving the community craving for its opening. We’re happy to say the time has come! The new location is two stories tall and includes a balcony overlooking East Thomas Street which will be available for private parties. It will have everything you loved about the old location plus more!  

            This local establishment continues to grow one step at a time and is certainly a staple entity of Downtown Hammond. We are looking forward to the rejuvenation of this wonderful business! [CT1] 


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