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Welcome to the district, Bar-b-que Station!
Madison Chauvin
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Welcome to the district, Bar-b-que Station!

Independence’s famous Bar-b-que Station has opened its second location in our parish right here in Downtown Hammond!  Chasity and Jimmy Gregory opened their second location on December 5, 2018 at 1000 N. Oak St. The Bar-b-que Station is a family owned and operated restaurant known for their Brisket Burgers.

The menu consist of a variety of specialty BBQ meats that you can order as a plate, sandwich, salad, wrap, and much more! For our Lion fans they added the  “Loaded Lion” to their Hammond menu that consist of a grilled cheese stuffed with pulled pork, bacon and BBQ sauce. The owners are excited to be a part of the Downtown area. The Bar-b-que Station as well as the Big Squeezy act as an anchor for the north end of the downtown district, targeting students and the downtown workforce. Welcome to Downtown!  

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