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More Pet-Friendly Additions Coming to Downtown

You may have noticed an increasing number of pedestrians are accompanied by a four legged friend. Interacting with animals can reduce stress, increase overall health, and fulfill a sense of social interaction. It is no wonder dogs are accompanying their owners to more and more facilities. With this trend becoming common in cities all over the country, many local Downtown destinations are jumping on the bandwagon and becoming pet friendly.

Hammond has lots to offer for dog lovers. Most of the restaurants with an outdoor patio allow leashed pets to dine, some stores welcome dogs to walk beside their owners as they shop, and pets are allowed in nearly every outdoor area in Downtown Hammond including the Hammond Farmers Market. The W Salon Downtown accepts pet supply donations for a shelter, Cupcake Concept makes doggie “pup”cakes, and Royal Pet’s Grooming Salon is the go-to place for grooming.

Upcoming district plans will further enhance the pet welcoming atmosphere. Within the next few years, the Downtown Development District plans to make Downtown Hammond an all-around pet friendly destination. We plan to build a dog park, improve our walking paths and install water fountains with pet water bowl attachments so both of you can stay hydrated. Pet waste stations are on the “to-do list” as well. Keep an eye out for these exciting installments to our ever-growing lovely Downtown!

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