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Lee Mason
Chelsea Tallo
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Lee Mason

Local Artists in Hammond

Making a living as an artist can be a daunting task for some. However, Lee Mason, who goes by the name of ‘Lee Tokyo’, makes it possible in Hammond! This ambitious, thriving, outspoken, and charmingly comical artist is working to become even more successful in his craft. Lee was born in Baton Rouge and is thirty years old today. Lee is a graduate from Southern University and obtained a degree in the College of Engineering. Lee chose a different route after graduating by creating a business centered around photography called “Tokyo Photography”. He is also creating an Etsy shop called “Crafty Tokyo La” that will be up very soon! Lee has been a craft maker for as long as he can remember and has practiced photography for about five years. Lee loves making artwork because he deems it to be both satisfying and rewarding, and it gives him the freedom to do what he wants to do. He finds joy in his work by meeting new clients, creating with them, and seeing people’s reactions to his final products. No particular influences come to his mind when asked who he aspires to or create like, but for him, that’s all the better! Lee’s goal is to be a greater artist than he was yesterday. His drive comes from within – which is a very admirable attribute. His photographic themes consist of weddings, couples, and motherhood. Lee’s aesthetic can best be described as clean, modern, and comical. To see more of Lee Mason’s work or to get in touch with the craftsman himself, visit and like him on Facebook ‘Tokyo Photography’, or follow his Instagram “Crafty Tokyo”!

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