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Kacie Landis
Chelsea Tallo
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Kacie Landis

We present to you Kacie Landis: a true role model in the design world and a tremendous oil and acrylic painter. Kacie is twenty-four years old and holds bachelor’s degree in art with a concentration in Graphic Design. She is positive, passionate, and driven to grow her home-grown business as vast as destiny may allow! Kacie’s career began five years ago when she posted a video of herself on social media painting. The video garnered her such positive and uplifting feedback, that she felt it was only right to follow her passion in the creation of her own artistic career. Slowly but surely, she started selling her paintings online while fulfilling the role of a full-time college student. Kacie loves experimenting with new ideas, which led her to dabble in live event painting. She knew she had to show an example to poetical clients of what she was capable of, so one day, she decided to film herself painting a reception from a photograph.  This became such a success that she was able to book her first wedding, this being a pivotal moment and a catalyst for the maturation of her career. Her paintings are inspired by Impressionist artists Sorolla and Monet. Kacie admires their use of color and light, which she tries to incorporate into her use of textures and colors in her work. Her work can be seen as colorful, energetic and detailed. Her paintings, considered to be Realism and Impressionism, are wonderful! Kacie’s favorite dynamic of her work is the fact that she’s always being challenged with every new piece. She also enjoys interacting with the guests at these receptions and talking about. She even has a fondness for simply talking about her process with those that are interested in her and her work. If you want to learn more about this live painter follow her on Instagram at “kacielandisart” or visit!

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