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Homegrown Hammond - Rhonda Nicolosi Bishop

Homegrown Hammond: Rhonda Bishop

In an old town like Hammond, Louisiana, families have been brought up in their local area and representing this community for many years.

They have continued the deep roots and twining culture of Hammond by serving us with a smile at each of their welcoming businesses. The Hammond DDD would like to introduce the business owners that were born and raised here, only to grow up and own a business in our beautiful, historic Downtown through a segment called Homegrown Hammond. Sit back and enjoy a stroll through Hammond’s history lane.

Rhonda Nicolosi Bishop:

Owner of Salon Nuo-Vo located at 122 SW Railroad Ave.

1. How long has your family been in Hammond?

- I was born and raised here and my family has been in Tangipahoa Parish for about 90 years.

2. Where did you go to high school and what year did you graduate?

- Hammond High School, class of 1982, and then I went to Southeastern before going to hair school.

3. How did you start your business?

- I bought an already established business after making a business plan, acquiring a loan, and began running it. It was called Rumors and was located at 104 SW Railroad Avenue for about 10 years, but when the landlords died, I didn’t want to buy the building so I moved and changed the name to Salon Nuo-Vo

4. What’s your favorite thing to do in Downtown Hammond?

- Eat! Specifically at Cate Street Seafood Station, La Carreta, Brady’s and Tope La.

5. What’s your favorite memory of Hammond?

- Riding my bike to get ice cream at Zesto’s when I was little!

6. How long has your business been open?

- In August, it will be 23 years but I’ve been a business owner in Downtown Hammond for about 33!

7. What are you most excited about in Hammond coming up?

- Hot August Night! The salon is a stop on the Wine and Beer walk, and is hosting a Moroccan oil specialist to give samples and let you experience the products!

8. Why have you stayed in Hammond all this time?

- I’ve built a business here, and my family is here with strong ties to Tangipahoa Parish, from farming to politics!

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