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Homegrown Hammond: Amanda Adams

In an old town like Hammond, Louisiana, families have been brought up into their local area and representing this community for many years. They have continued the deep roots and twining culture of Hammond by serving us with a smile at each of their welcoming businesses. The Hammond DDD would like to introduce the business owners that were born and raised right here and grew up to own a business in our beautiful historic Downtown. We call this special segment Homegrown Hammond.  We hope this segment helps you connect to our Downtown business owners and learn more about their history and values.

Amanda Adams, Bayou Booksellers

How long has your family lived in Hammond? 

In May of 1969 I was born in Hammond, Louisiana at Seventh Ward General Hospital. My parents are from Ponchatoula and Bogalusa and met while in school at Southeastern. Although I’ve lived in Baton Rouge, Mississippi, and Tennessee for a combination of 15 years, I’ve lived in Hammond for over 35. I moved home in June 2013, and it was, indeed, one of the best decision I’ve ever made!

Where did you go to high school, and when did you graduate?

I graduated from Hammond High in 1987 -- Go Tors!  We were the last class to attend the Columbus Drive (now University Avenue) campus.

Where did you go to college, and when did you graduate?

For my first two semesters of college I attended LSU; however, I graduated from Southeastern in 1993.  Since my mother was the Director of the SLU Library at the time, she was able to assist in presenting my diploma.     

What’s your favorite thing to do in Downtown Hammond?

I enjoy working and playing in Downtown Hammond, America, but I LOVE keeping the bubbles blowing down at the Bayou!

Where do you like spending your time Downtown?

As a Downtown business owner, I love spending time at my store as well as the businesses of friends old and new. I enjoy making my rounds on the Upper West Side and Lower East Side of Thomas Street. From wine tastings, art exhibits, and stage performances to steaks, oysters, crawfish and sno-balls as well as cold beer, refreshing cocktails, and tasty coffee, there’s a perfect place for every mood! We are such a fortunate community.

What is your favorite memory of Hammond?

I wish I could narrow it down to one! My best memories of Hammond are riding the horse at Rosenblum’s, getting new shoes and a balloon at Imperial Shoe Store, working the drive-thru at Community State Bank as a fourth-grader giving out Dum Dum suckers, doing my homework with friends at Kelly’s, enjoying black walnut malts from Lee’s in Cate Square, and too many more to name!

Why did you decide to come back to in Hammond?

After an 11-year stint in Memphis, it was time to come home in 2013. So many “signs” helped make my decision an easy one – my nieces and nephews were getting older, my stepmother Marsha wanted to sell Bayou Booksellers, and I was aching for Hammond, America’s hospitality and charm. You don’t always realize just how much you cherish the little things about home until you’re 359 miles away. Quality of life and family are everything.

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