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  New Community Pavilion

 The Hammond Downtown Development District first conceptualized the idea of a community pavilion when their Master plan was updated in 2002. After years of strategizing and communicating with the CN Railroad Company, local property owners, and the Cate family heirs, this vision is at last becoming a reality. This project is truly a community effort, receiving support and ideas from City of Hammond officials, the DDD Design Committee, the Hammond Historic District Commission, Hammond Farmers Market vendors, and the community. Hired architect Tom Pistorius has done a fantastic job reworking the project’s proposed location so the community can truly capitalize on the area. This community pavilion will be located at the Hammond Farmers Market’s current place of operation, 2 West Thomas Street. We’ve answered some of the public’s most pressing questions below, have a look!

Is the location big enough?

This community pavilion is about 5,500 square feet and while it is a different shape from the originally proposed concept, the project has not lost any square footage when it was revised, it’s actually gained square footage! A total of 48 vendors will be able to be housed within the pavilion itself, and tents can still be utilized in the alleyway when necessary, allowing for even more vendor participation. Within this square footage, 2 public restrooms, storage, and a small stage will also be included. The market café will be located outside of the pavilion itself, but permanent seating, landscaping, and art will provide a nicer atmosphere for community members to enjoy the green space.

What will happen to the monuments?

The DDD applied for a Louisiana Main Street “Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper” grant in August of 2017 to relocate the Stewart Monument. At this time, it is the DDD’s intention to move the monument to a more visible space, next to the DDD office along Thomas Street. Here the monument will continue to be enjoyed by the public and motorists. (Hammond Fun Fact: In 1902, the Stewart Monument was located where the DDD office currently stands) The Waldo E. Burnam fountain will also be relocated closer to the DDD building in a newly landscaped area.

Will the trees be removed?

NO! The trees located around the DDD building will go undisturbed other than minor pruning and maintenance. The DDD’s design committee's tree inventory and urban reforestation action plans includes these trees. These trees are also registered to the Live Oak Society that holds the oldest and grandest trees in our areas dating back to 1934. The trees are a landmark to our community and will continue to be cared for in a manner that allows them to thrive.

 Where will the Hammond Farmers Market be held during the renovation?

 The market will be heading back to its roots at Cate Square Park! The renovation will take approximately 4 to 5 months. Keep a look out on our Facebook page for more details. 

The community pavilion will house the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings upon its completion. The pavilion will also be utilized for things like birthday parties, community events, and local artist showcases. It’s more than just a pavilion! This project will create a plaza feel right in the middle of Downtown. We will create safer parking along Railroad Ave. by turning the parking spaces parallel, expanded sidewalks through the area for safer pedestrian traffic, create a green space with seating for the community to enjoy every day of the week, and an “art alley” to incorporate Hammond’s artistic culture.

Expect this new asset to be ready by late fall of 2018, and stay up to date by liking us on Facebook ( or visiting the Farmers Market on the web (!

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