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April Johnson
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April Johnson

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The tattooing industry has grown over the decade. In 2014, the industry was valued at an unprecedented 3 billion dollars. Some say it is difficult to become a tattoo artist because the time, effort, and dedication to the craftsmanship that the profession demands. However, April Johnson makes it look very easy! This twenty-two-year-old from Hammond, Louisiana has been in the industry for a little less than a year and has made milestones that other have spent years aspiring to accomplish. She has been a tattoo apprentice in New Orleans at ‘Sailor Cross Tattoo’ since April 2019. April has been an artist since she was twelve years old and set her sights on becoming a tattoo artist at age fourteen. April’s style is heavily influenced by Japanese anime, illustrative tattooing, and neotraditional values. As a child, one day she watched Japanese anime often that she decided to pick up a pen and try to draw her favorite characters. Her tattooing work is heavily inspired by the anime artist “Junji”, and tattoo artists: Russ Abbot, Dave Koeing, Dave Tevenal, Onnie O’ Leary, and many others! April loves being able to create, she loves taking a spark or feeling of inspiration from something her client see and manifesting that into physical art work. It means so much to her to be able to design custom art that lasts a  lifetime and means so much to someone. To see more of her work or to book her for your next tattoo visit her Facebook ‘April Johnson’ or on Instagram at ‘@apriljaytattoo’.

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