Master Plan Update 2019! 

The 2019 Master Plan is complete! Check it out! 

2019 DDD Master Plan  

Shared Visions for Downtown!

Today, the District is booming, and the DDD is focusing on making Downtown complete a place where businesses can flourish, locals can mingle, and visitors get to know what Hammond is all about.

On July 27th, we held a community workshop. Here, locals told us what they envisioned for our downtown and how we can build on the successes of Downtown Hammond to make it even better. Check out the Community Workshop Summary HERE! 

Plans, additional documents and more!

Interested in learning more about our Master Plan? Check out the links to below for our project kickoff summary, public participation plans and our 2002 master plan! 

Master Plan Draft 

Community Workshop Summary

Kickoff Summary

Public Participation Plan

2002 Master Plan