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12 Business Owners You Need to Meet

12 Business Owners You Need to Meet

12 Business Owners You Need to Meet

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Pamela Bourgeois

Facebar by Pamela

215 East Thomas Street

FaceBar is a new concept “Facial Bar” providing quality and affordable skincare treatments in an open, relaxed surrounding. At FaceBar by Pamela my expertise are providing facial resurfacing and facial rejuvenating services along with luscious eye lash extensions and brow design. It is important for me to build enduring relationships with my clients and Downtown Hammond.

Todd Delune

Red, White, & Brew

120 East Thomas Street

Todd says "coming up on six years of owning the brew, we are delighted at how well the people of Hammond have helped us grow and develop such a successful business." Todd also mentioned how neat has been to watch the East Side of downtown grow and flourish into the wonderful hot spot that it is now.


Susan Duvic

Susan’s General

220 North Cate Street

Susan says she loves the simplicity and friendliness of downtown. She also mentioned how she loves when customers walk their dogs in downtown and bring them by the store so she can pet them or offer them some water. One of Susan's customers says the store is like the "gold mine" of Hammond. It took her a little while to find the store but when she finally did she couldn't stay away from it.


Pete Giannobile

Pete’s Cleaners

120 South Holly Street

Pete's Cleaners is a full service cleaners that does all the cleaning in house, they offer free pickup and delivery since 1963! Pete enjoys the convenience and friendliness of having his business in downtown.


John Guerin

Guerin Insurance

104 Southwest Railroad Avenue

Guerin Insurance is a family owned business that originated right here in Downtown Hammond in 1962. The Guerins' treasure the downtown community and charming neighborhood style of living and doing business. They say that everyone knows and everyone and they all watch out for one another. Another prideful feature that the Guerins' love about downtown is the way the green and gold spirit of Southeastern just flows right into downtown and the businesses here.


Kenny and Darrell Kropog

Johnny’s Conoco

209 West Thomas Street

Johnny’s Conoco is a full-service station located right in the heart of Hammond’s downtown. The station was opened in 1961 and passed to the Kropog’s second generation in 1998. The station has an impeccable reputation for their great service. No matter what time of the day it is, you will be greeted with a warm smile.


Bruce Labrecque

Mariner’s Inn

117 West Thomas Street

Bruce Labrecque has had a lot of experience working in different downtowns and says none of them even compare to Hammond's "great little town." He loves how unique this town is and values the competitiveness that the businesses offer. He says that the competitiveness makes the quality of the services even better. Bruce is also prideful in the rare style of our Downtown, he says there is nothing like it from Houston, Texas to Pensacola, Florida and we should also take pride in that!


Kayla Morgan

Kay-la Handbags

"Downtown Hammond is a part of my DNA—I’ve lived in or near downtown most of my life. Whether it’s sitting on my porch with my golden retriever or taking early morning walks, I adore small town charm that radiates here. I had a business (kay-la handbags) in downtown for 6 years, and while I do most of my business online these days, a large pool of my followers and clients are Hammond locals. I can’t imagine living anywhere else. From the adorable locally owned shops and the hot spots to grab a bite to eat, it’s hard to recreate this vibe anywhere else. P.S. My Saturday morning routine is my favorite in downtown:  yoga, farmers market and a cup of a coffee. Nothing beats it."


Jessica Nobles

Pure Salon & Spa

201 South Cate Street

"Owning my own Salon wasn't really the plan, but God had bigger things in store for me and my family. I have turned my passion into a lifestyle, took my dreams to the next level and we've created an amazing family of stylist that absolutely love what they do. Pure Salon & Spa isn't just a salon, it's a family salon. "


Rodney Richardson

Richardson’s Fashions

223 East Thomas Street

"We've got something for you!"


Rose Wong

Courtyard Café

110 North Cate Street

Rose says that the building and location is what has made her business so successful and charming to downtown. The building that Courtyard Café is in has been owned by the Wong family for years. There have been different businesses that have been located there but Rose says "it has always been a family dream to utilize this space and maximize all of its special historic features," and Courtyard Cafe does just that. There is a little quaint courtyard right outside the backdoor of the business, which is where the name came from.


Mary Zatarain

The Right Face

111 South Cypress Street

Mary Zatarain's history in Downtown Hammond started in the late 1970s, when she decided to renovate an old Victorian home and opened up a spa in it. She later opened an aesthetics school then her current business The Right Face. During Mary's time here, she grew to love downtown because it's a "small town with big ideas." She raised her family here and says that it has become her beloved home.

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